Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc

Update for July 2014, We have now changed our company name to Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc.
Our corporate website is Carolina Core Drill
We still have our Charlotte NC core drilling website Charlotte Core Drill
Our Logo will stay the same as we are moving to make BlueFlag our brand name for our line of concrete core drill bits that we now sell through our secure website Core drill bit  where you can find the best and most inexpensive concrete core drill bits on the market.

We are still striving to be the #1 concrete core drilling company in North Carolina. You may call and schedule core drilling service at 704-245-0119.


  1. I want to put in a concrete counter top in my kitchen. Even though the concrete is heavy, I don't want it slipping and sliding anywhere. How do I cut an edge into it, so that I can plop it onto the top of my kitchen cupboards?