Tuesday, February 25, 2014

core drilling a reinforced concrete pipe

We were called to core drill a 42" diameter concrete pipe in Midland, NC. There were to be 2 (8 inch) hole drilled 180 degrees across from each other.
As you can see it is a fairly simple project and one that we hope to point a few pointers out for anyone who may be seeking core drilling information.
First you must secure the core drill to the concrete surface. We typically choose to use concrete wedge anchors for this purpose because of their strong grip.
You can see that the concrete surface of the pipe is not flat so we had to use some wood wedges to level up the base of the core drill rig so it would cut the hole properly.
Notice that our core drill rig is mounted at a 180 degree angle to the hole being drilled. This was necessary to keep the drill rig in line with the hole. We use a cordless impact wrench to tighten up the wedge anchor nut which secures the core drill rig base to the concrete pipe. It is always useful to have a 12" or larger adjustable wrench handy to further tighten up the wedge anchor nut. When we have the drill bit centered on the mark we then install a second wedge anchor to keep the drill from moving.
This is the pipe after we have removed the core machine and cleaned up the project. Notice how the holes are perfectly aligned with each other.
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Cutting holes in reinforced concrete walls

To properly cut holes in a reinforced concrete wall you will need a specialized core drilling rig that will mount to the concrete wall by way of a concrete fastener such as a  1/2" x 6" wedge anchor.
This way your machine operates properly and does not move which could cause the core drill bit to get stuck in the hole that you are drilling. A properly secured core drill rig will save you hours of time and frustration.
        Tip: Always carry a 12" or larger adjustable wrench to tighten the wedge anchor nut until it will not tighten any longer.

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