Saturday, August 8, 2020

Core drilling holes in 2 foot foundation

 Recently we had the honor of working for one of the Duke power sub contractors in North Carolina.

Carolina Precision Core Drilling core drilled 18 four inch holes 24 inches in depth in 2 substation foundation walls. We used the standard 1 1/4" x 7 tpi thread core drill hub and extension to do complete this core drilling task as well as our trusted 4004-2- model Milwaukee Core drill motor and our very own custom core drilling rig to average core drilling 24 inches and moving to the next hole every 23 minutes. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

updates to charlotte core drill  we have recently started updating our charlotte nc website to mobile pages.
we currently have developed an online core drilling estimator and the only core drilling company in North Carolina that posts its average core drilling prices and costs online.

Here are are core drilling near Troy, NC at one of the Duke Power electrical damns.

here we are engaged in core drilling a pool house at the hyatt house on south tryon st charlotte nc

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Core Drilling costs Calculator

Ever Wondered what it might cost to have a hole drilled in a concrete wall or concrete floor?
Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc. has developed a new core drilling costs calculator based on single core drilling holes prices.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Core drilling concrete wall in Boone, North Carolina

20 or so times a year we Carolina Core Drill have the pleasure of core drilling for various contractors in the mountainous Boone North Carolina area. So far this year we have core drilled at ASU campus on off Kings St.
This is us parked on the sidewalk in front of the ASU basketball court in early 2014.

We Cored (2) two eight inch holes in the basement for a new air circulation system.

Recently we also core drilled 9 holes in a reinforced concrete wall  for a hot tub in the exclusive Blue Ridge Mountain Club community. Beautiful Part of NC.

It was quite a home at four stories tall with a basement and a crawl space.
It was too dark inside the crawl space where we did the work, but we did have one 3" core drill hole on the exterior of the hot tub for drainage.

and these are the nine holes core drilled into the wall.

this is a picture of the house, at 65% complete at the time we core drilled.

We have and will continue to value our Boone NC contractors in need of our core drilling service.
Carolina Core Drill. 704-245-0119

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc

Update for July 2014, We have now changed our company name to Carolina Precision Core Drilling Inc.
Our corporate website is Carolina Core Drill
We still have our Charlotte NC core drilling website Charlotte Core Drill
Our Logo will stay the same as we are moving to make BlueFlag our brand name for our line of concrete core drill bits that we now sell through our secure website Core drill bit  where you can find the best and most inexpensive concrete core drill bits on the market.

We are still striving to be the #1 concrete core drilling company in North Carolina. You may call and schedule core drilling service at 704-245-0119.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

core drilling a reinforced concrete pipe

We were called to core drill a 42" diameter concrete pipe in Midland, NC. There were to be 2 (8 inch) hole drilled 180 degrees across from each other.
As you can see it is a fairly simple project and one that we hope to point a few pointers out for anyone who may be seeking core drilling information.
First you must secure the core drill to the concrete surface. We typically choose to use concrete wedge anchors for this purpose because of their strong grip.
You can see that the concrete surface of the pipe is not flat so we had to use some wood wedges to level up the base of the core drill rig so it would cut the hole properly.
Notice that our core drill rig is mounted at a 180 degree angle to the hole being drilled. This was necessary to keep the drill rig in line with the hole. We use a cordless impact wrench to tighten up the wedge anchor nut which secures the core drill rig base to the concrete pipe. It is always useful to have a 12" or larger adjustable wrench handy to further tighten up the wedge anchor nut. When we have the drill bit centered on the mark we then install a second wedge anchor to keep the drill from moving.
This is the pipe after we have removed the core machine and cleaned up the project. Notice how the holes are perfectly aligned with each other.
For more tips or information on core drilling please visit one of our websites:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Cutting holes in reinforced concrete walls

To properly cut holes in a reinforced concrete wall you will need a specialized core drilling rig that will mount to the concrete wall by way of a concrete fastener such as a  1/2" x 6" wedge anchor.
This way your machine operates properly and does not move which could cause the core drill bit to get stuck in the hole that you are drilling. A properly secured core drill rig will save you hours of time and frustration.
        Tip: Always carry a 12" or larger adjustable wrench to tighten the wedge anchor nut until it will not tighten any longer.

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